BMM Testlabs Earns Big Contract in Greece

BMM Testlabs is growing in its influence in the iGaming sector, reaching an agreement in both Greece and the Netherlands to act as an independent testing lab.

What many may not realize is that casino style games have to undergo a rigorous testing process before they are actually sent to casinos or offered online. There are a number of standards and protocols that must be met before a game is ready to go.

To test these machines and programs, sites offer their services so they can check to ensure that all the standards have been met. This is a serious responsibility and when an organization has established themselves as a trusted group it is a big bonus for that organization. This is why it has become big news that BMM Testlabs has been approved by Greece and GLI Europe to become one of these independent test labs.

Trusted Websites Are Essential

While most players are concerned with the games that are available and the ease of use, the truth is that there is a lot that goes into providing a quality online casino in Greece. A site must provide the highest degree of security, not only for customer accounts but for access to that site as well. This is why many casinos have turned to blockchain technology, understanding that encryption and programming provide an exceptional level of security.

Customers want an incredible gambling experience. There is no doubt about that, and there are great sites that provide fantastic welcome bonuses, great graphics, and an enjoyable all-around experience. You can read more on online casinos for options available in Greece by following the link. This information will provide you with exceptional choices for playing online and websites that have been thoroughly tested and approved.

Of course, a site must do too much more than simply protect data and accounts. They also have to provide an enjoyable experience, and this site lists the very best in Greece. The recent Covid-19 pandemic has led to a significant increase in data transfer across the Internet, and websites that have been built to stream quickly so that the experience is not interrupted are the ones that are having the greatest amount of success with players.

Proving Themselves Reliable

It is clear that a lot is required for an online casino to be approved and licensed. To ensure that all aspects of operation meet the required governmental standards, independent testing labs use their insights and engineering expertise to ensure that games are compliant. This is what BMM Testlabs has prided themselves on for nearly four decades.

The company had already established themselves as a leader in this industry. They had been testing gaming machines in Las Vegas as far back as the year 2000, and have advanced into over 400 jurisdictions across the planet. They ensure that all machines meet required standards, but have also worked with manufacturers and operators to streamline the process.

The reputation was one of greatness, so it was not surprising that the Hellenic Gambling Commission (HGC) approved BMM as one of their independent testing labs in Greece. In addition, they were awarded a license by the Gaming Laboratories Europe. This enables them to certify an audit of gaming machines of any category to ensure that they are meeting the standards in Greece and Europe as a whole.

In a statement provided by Martin Britton, the managing director at GLI Europe, he explained, “We have been helping regulators and suppliers navigate the future of gaming and betting for decades, and we are excited to put our worldwide experience to work for Greece.”

Expanding into New Markets

The expansion into Greece is another big step for BMM Testlabs. Just a week ago, it was announced that BMM Testlab was certified in the Netherlands as well. In a statement provided by Deion Williams, Director of Technical Compliance, he explained,

“We are optimistic for what 2021 has in store for our European market. On the heels of our recent approval for the Greek casino market, we are already witnessing an uptick in business activities. The Netherlands is also proving to be another dynamic market, where we are actively engaging with our partners who are expanding their iGaming services. This is a truly exciting time to be part of BMM in iGaming.”

BMM had already conducted inspections in the Netherlands for years, but had received special regulatory authority and licensure to monitor the productions of machines and partner with the government on compliance issues.

These are huge deals for BMM, who has been trying to gain a bigger presence in Europe. They have several contracts in North and South America, and have been expanding operations into Africa and Asia, but this presents an exciting new opportunity for the company.

Explained Marzia Turrini, EVP for Europe and South America, “We are honored that the HGC has approved BMM for the Greek gaming market. For nearly 40 years, BMM has paved the way by assisting manufacturers to expand into new markets…We look forward to providing our world-class testing services and technical consultancy to the significant jurisdiction.”

The agreement looks like it will take effect immediately. As mentioned, BMM Testlabs already had been working with several regulatory agencies on the continent, so the process of coordinating their efforts with government officials should be a seamless one. This will help to provide a greater level of protection and security for customers and government regulators.

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